cryptology etymology

English word cryptology comes from English -logy, English crypto- (Cryptographic.. Hidden, invisible.. Secret.)

Detailed word origin of cryptology

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-logy English (eng) A branch of learning; a study of a particular subject.. Something said, or a way of speaking, a narrative.
crypto- English (eng) Cryptographic.. Hidden, invisible.. Secret.
cryptology English (eng) Secret or enigmatical language.. The practice of analysing encoded messages, in order to decode them.. The science or study of mathematical, linguistic, and other coding patterns and histories.

Words with the same origin as cryptology

Descendants of -logy
auxologist cardiology chronological chronology cosmochronology criminology cytology dermatology ethnology gerontology gynaecology histology ichthyology logy morphological morphology musicologist ophthalmology pharmacological pharmacology proctology seismology topology urology
Descendants of crypto-
Cryptozoic cryptoanalytical cryptobenthic cryptobotany cryptochirality cryptochrome cryptoendolith cryptoexotic cryptoflysch cryptofunction cryptoglandular cryptogram cryptography cryptomaterial cryptophane cryptophone cryptopolyploid cryptoprocessing cryptoprotocol cryptopyrrole cryptosexist cryptotomography cryptovirological cryptozoology