cryptopyrrole etymology

English word cryptopyrrole comes from English crypto- (Cryptographic.. Hidden, invisible.. Secret.), English pyrrole

Detailed word origin of cryptopyrrole

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crypto- English (eng) Cryptographic.. Hidden, invisible.. Secret.
pyrrole English (eng) (organic compound) Any of a class of aromatic heterocyclic compounds containing a ring of four carbon atoms and a nitrogen atom; especially the simplest one, C4H5N. [from 19th c.].
cryptopyrrole English (eng)

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Descendants of crypto-
Cryptozoic cryptoanalytical cryptobenthic cryptobotany cryptochirality cryptochrome cryptoendolith cryptoexotic cryptoflysch cryptofunction cryptoglandular cryptogram cryptography cryptology cryptomaterial cryptophane cryptophone cryptopolyploid cryptoprocessing cryptoprotocol cryptosexist cryptotomography cryptovirological cryptozoology
Descendants of pyrrole
hydropyrrolation pyrrolic pyrrolidine pyrrolone pyrrolyl