cumbersome etymology

English word cumbersome comes from English -some, English cumber ((transitive, dated) To slow down; to hinder; to burden.)

Detailed word origin of cumbersome

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-some English (eng) Characterized by some specific condition or quality. Used to form a word indicating a group with a certain small number of members A body A chromosome.
cumber English (eng) (transitive, dated) To slow down; to hinder; to burden.
cumbersome English (eng) Burdensome or hindering, as a weight or drag; vexatious. Hard, difficult, demanding to handle or get around with.. Not easily managed or handled; awkward.

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Descendants of -some
awesome awesomely awesomeness bothersome burdensome clawsome dumb sauce fearsome floatsome foursome leafsome lifesome lonesome meddlesome ogglesome oxysome pitysome quarrelsome selfsome tiresome troublesome wandersome wearisome worrisome
Descendants of cumber