curariform etymology

English word curariform comes from English -iform ((with interfix -i-).), English curare

Detailed word origin of curariform

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-iform English (eng) (with interfix -i-).
curare English (eng) A plant, Strychnos toxifera, formerly used in arrow poisons in South America due to its D-tubocurarine content.. A substance containing the alkaloid D-tubocurarine, used historically as a muscle relaxant during surgery.. Other South American plants with similar toxins that were also used in arrow poisons, mostly in the family Menispermaceae.
curariform English (eng) Resembling curare.

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Descendants of -iform
adipoceriform alphabetiform aluminiform amianthiform calculiform capsuliform coniform extractiform fabiform fibriform gasiform gelatiniform granuliform homiform maxilliform nystagmiform palpiform racemiform runiform sacculiform saliniform scalpelliform varioliform vasiform
Descendants of curare
curarine curarise curarize