cybercultural etymology

English word cybercultural comes from English cyber-, English cultural (Pertaining to culture.)

Detailed word origin of cybercultural

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cyber- English (eng) Relating to the Internet or cyberspace, or to computers more generally.
cultural English (eng) Pertaining to culture.
cybercultural English (eng) Of or pertaining to cyberculture.

Words with the same origin as cybercultural

Descendants of cyber-
cyberaffair cyberborder cyberbully cybercapital cybercommand cyberdemocracy cyberenvironment cyberequivalent cyberfrontier cyberimperialism cyberlearning cybermania cybermarketing cybernerd cyberoptimist cyberphilosopher cyberphysical cyberpop cyberpunk cyberslut cyberstudies cybersurgeon cyberterritory cybertraveler cyberutopian
Descendants of cultural