cyberpathic etymology

English word cyberpathic comes from English cyber-, English -pathic (Adjectival form of suffix -pathy.)

Detailed word origin of cyberpathic

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cyber- English (eng) Relating to the Internet or cyberspace, or to computers more generally.
-pathic English (eng) Adjectival form of suffix -pathy.
cyberpathic English (eng) (informal) Exhibiting sociopathic traits while interacting in cyberspace.. Having or relating to the fictional ability of cyberpathy.

Words with the same origin as cyberpathic

Descendants of cyber-
cyberaffair cyberborder cyberbully cybercapital cybercommand cyberdemocracy cyberenvironment cyberequivalent cyberfrontier cyberimperialism cyberlearning cybermania cybermarketing cybernerd cyberoptimist cyberphilosopher cyberphysical cyberpop cyberpunk cyberslut cyberstudies cybersurgeon cyberterritory cybertraveler cyberutopian
Descendants of -pathic
aeropathic amphipathic autopathic bureaupathic cytopathic dermatopathic dermatopathic lymphadenopathy dermopathic heteropathic homeopathic idiopathic monopathic narcopathic neuronopathic neuropathic neuropathically nonneuropathic osteopathic polyneuropathic protopathic psychopathic sociopathic theopathic vasculoneuropathic