cyclobutadiene etymology

English word cyclobutadiene comes from English butadiene, English cyclo-

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butadiene English (eng) (organic compound) An unsaturated hydrocarbon, CH2=CH-CH=CH2; it is obtained from petroleum and is used in the preparation of the synthetic rubber polybutadiene.
cyclo- English (eng) (chemistry) a cyclic compound. (meteorology) cyclone. Circle. Cycle.
cyclobutadiene English (eng) (organic compound) The unsaturated cyclic hydrocarbon, C4H4, that is the smallest annulene.

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Descendants of butadiene
Descendants of cyclo-
bombogenesis cycloalkene cycloallyl cyclocondensation cyclodehydrogenation cyclogenesis cyclohexaphane cyclohexylallene cyclohexylbenzene cycloid cyclolysis cyclomaltodextrin cyclomaltohexaose cyclomancy cyclometallation cyclonaphthylene cyclopentapeptide cyclopolymerization cyclopyrrolone cyclostratigraphy cyclotorsion cyclotron hexamethylcyclotrisiloxane methylenecyclopropane tetracyclo