cyclobutane etymology

English word cyclobutane comes from English but-, English -ane

Detailed word origin of cyclobutane

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but- English (eng) (organic chemistry) Denotes the presence of four carbon atoms in the parent chain when forming names of organic compounds.
-ane English (eng) (chemistry) A simple binary compound of hydrogen and a nonmetal or metalloid.. (organic chemistry) A saturated hydrocarbon; an alkane.. Variant of -an, usually with differentiation (germane, humane, urbane), but sometimes alone (mundane).
butane English (eng) (organic compound) A hydrocarbon (either of the two isomers of C4H10 n-butane, and 2-methyl-propane) found in gaseous petroleum fractions.. (organic compound, uncountable) The n-butane isomer only.
cyclobutane English (eng) (countable, organic chemistry) Any derivative of this compound.. (uncountable, organic compound) A simple alicyclic hydrocarbon, C4H8; a light inflammable gas.

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Descendants of but-
butamben butane butyl butyldimethylsilyl butylfuran butyllithium dibutyl dibutyl amine dibutyl phthalate salbutamol tert-butyl
Descendants of -ane
allylstannane alumane astatane bismuthane bromonium difluoromethane disilanyl ethane germane heptamethylnonane hydrosilane iodonium methane octane octylic organosilane propane propyl silyl stibane stibonium sulfane tellane tellurane