cyclocondensation etymology

English word cyclocondensation comes from English cyclo-, English condensation

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cyclo- English (eng) (chemistry) a cyclic compound. (meteorology) cyclone. Circle. Cycle.
condensation English (eng) (chemistry) The reaction of two substances with the simultaneous loss of water or other small molecule.. (physics) The conversion of a gas to a liquid.. The act or process of condensing or of being condensed. The condensate so formed.. The state of being condensed.
cyclocondensation English (eng) (chemistry) Any condensation reaction that is also a cyclization.

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bombogenesis cycloalkene cycloallyl cyclodehydrogenation cyclogenesis cyclohexaphane cyclohexylallene cyclohexylbenzene cycloid cyclolysis cyclomaltodextrin cyclomaltohexaose cyclomancy cyclometallation cyclonaphthylene cyclopentapeptide cyclopolymerization cyclopyrrolone cyclostratigraphy cyclotorsion cyclotron hexamethylcyclotrisiloxane methylenecyclopropane tetracyclo
Descendants of condensation
contrail cricondenbar cricondentherm