cycloid etymology

English word cycloid comes from English -oid, English cyclo-

Detailed word origin of cycloid

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-oid English (eng) Of similar form to, but not the same as. Having the likeness of. Forms adjectives and nouns.
cyclo- English (eng) (chemistry) a cyclic compound. (meteorology) cyclone. Circle. Cycle.
cycloid English (eng) (zoology, of fish scales) Thin and rounded, with smooth edges.. Resembling a circle; cycloidal. (geometry) The locus of a point on the circumference of a circle that rolls without slipping on a fixed straight line.. (zoology) A fish having cycloid scales.

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Descendants of -oid
alkaloid asteroid cannabinoid colloidal designoid factoid fibroid humanoid insectoid keloid mechanoid mong mongoloid monoid negro opioid paranoid planetoid roid schizoid solenoid sphenoid steroid trapezoid
Descendants of cyclo-
bombogenesis cycloalkene cycloallyl cyclocondensation cyclodehydrogenation cyclogenesis cyclohexaphane cyclohexylallene cyclohexylbenzene cyclolysis cyclomaltodextrin cyclomaltohexaose cyclomancy cyclometallation cyclonaphthylene cyclopentapeptide cyclopolymerization cyclopyrrolone cyclostratigraphy cyclotorsion cyclotron hexamethylcyclotrisiloxane methylenecyclopropane tetracyclo