cyclopolymerization etymology

English word cyclopolymerization comes from English polymerization, English cyclo-

Detailed word origin of cyclopolymerization

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polymerization English (eng) (chemistry) The chemical process, normally with the aid of a catalyst, to form a polymer by bonding together multiple identical units (monomers).
cyclo- English (eng) (chemistry) a cyclic compound. (meteorology) cyclone. Circle. Cycle.
cyclopolymerization English (eng) (organic chemistry) Any polymerization reaction in which new rings are formed.

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Descendants of cyclo-
bombogenesis cycloalkene cycloallyl cyclocondensation cyclodehydrogenation cyclogenesis cyclohexaphane cyclohexylallene cyclohexylbenzene cycloid cyclolysis cyclomaltodextrin cyclomaltohexaose cyclomancy cyclometallation cyclonaphthylene cyclopentapeptide cyclopyrrolone cyclostratigraphy cyclotorsion cyclotron hexamethylcyclotrisiloxane methylenecyclopropane tetracyclo