cyclostratigraphy etymology

English word cyclostratigraphy comes from English cyclo-, English stratigraphy

Detailed word origin of cyclostratigraphy

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cyclo- English (eng) (chemistry) a cyclic compound. (meteorology) cyclone. Circle. Cycle.
stratigraphy English (eng) (archaeology) the layering of deposits, with newer remains overlaying older ones, forming a chronology of the site.. (geology) The study of rock layers and the layering process (stratification).
cyclostratigraphy English (eng) (geology) The analysis of sedimentary successions to determine past climatic cycles.

Words with the same origin as cyclostratigraphy

Descendants of cyclo-
bombogenesis cycloalkene cycloallyl cyclocondensation cyclodehydrogenation cyclogenesis cyclohexaphane cyclohexylallene cyclohexylbenzene cycloid cyclolysis cyclomaltodextrin cyclomaltohexaose cyclomancy cyclometallation cyclonaphthylene cyclopentapeptide cyclopolymerization cyclopyrrolone cyclotorsion cyclotron hexamethylcyclotrisiloxane methylenecyclopropane tetracyclo
Descendants of stratigraphy
chemostratigraphic chemostratigraphical hydrostratigraphic lithostratigraphic microstratigraphic