cynomorphic etymology

English word cynomorphic comes from English -morphic (Having a specific shape or form.), English cyno- (Forming compound words having the sense of "dog".)

Detailed word origin of cynomorphic

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-morphic English (eng) Having a specific shape or form.
cyno- English (eng) Forming compound words having the sense of "dog".
cynomorphic English (eng) Doglike.

Words with the same origin as cynomorphic

Descendants of -morphic
andromorphically anthromorphic anthropomorphic antiholomorphic biholomorphic epimorphic geomorphic hemimorphic holomorphicity isomorphic monomorphic neanimorphic nondimorphic nonholomorphic normomorphic ophiomorphic polymorphic pycnomorphic redoximorphic subdimorphic theriomorphic xenomorphic xeromorphic zoomorphic
Descendants of cyno-
cynocephaly cynodont cynolatry cynology cynomorph cynophile cynophobe cynophobia