cystathioninuria etymology

English word cystathioninuria comes from English -uria, English cystathionine

Detailed word origin of cystathioninuria

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-uria English (eng) (pathology) Referring to the state or condition of the urine.
cystathionine English (eng) (biochemistry) An intermediate, 2-amino-4-(2-amino-2-carboxy-ethyl) thio-butanoic acid, in the biosynthesis of cysteine.
cystathioninuria English (eng) A metabolic disorder that results in an excess of cystathionine in the urine.

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Descendants of -uria
amyluria anuria bacilluria candiduria crystalluria erythrocyturia erythruria fructosuria haemoglobinuria histidinuria hydruria hyperaminoaciduria hyperproteinuria hypocitraturia melanuria oligouria paruria peptonuria phosphaturia phosphoruria saccharosuria spermaturia uraturia urobilinuria
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