cytoablation etymology

English word cytoablation comes from English ablation, English cyto- ((biology) cell.)

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ablation English (eng) (geology) The removal of a glacier by melting and evaporation; the lowering of a land surface by any of several means, as in wind erosion, mass wasting. [Mid 20th century.]. (medicine) The surgical removal of a body part, an organ, or especially a tumor; the removal of an organ function; amputation. [First attested around 1350 to 1470.]. (obsolete) A carrying or taking away; removal. [First [...]
cyto- English (eng) (biology) cell.
cytoablation English (eng) (surgery) The physical or chemical ablation of (typically cancerous) tissue.

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cytoadhesive cytoarchitectural cytofluorometer cytogenetics cytogeny cytoimmunity cytologic cytological cytology cytomembrane cytometry cytopathogenesis cytophotometer cytoplasm cytoprotectant cytoprotecting cytoprotection cytoreductive cytoresistance cytosine cytosine arabinoside cytostructural cytozoon haemocytometer