cytophotometer etymology

English word cytophotometer comes from English -meter (Used to form the names of measuring devices.), English photo- (Light, electromagnetic radiation. Photography.), English cyto- ((biology) cell.)

Detailed word origin of cytophotometer

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-meter English (eng) Used to form the names of measuring devices.
photo- English (eng) Light, electromagnetic radiation. Photography.
cyto- English (eng) (biology) cell.
cytophotometer English (eng) (biology) An optical device which measures the light passing through a stained section of tissue in order to analyze the compounds within its cells.

Words with the same origin as cytophotometer

Descendants of -meter
accelerometer altimeter arthrometer barometer calorimeter calorimetry dioptometer dynamometer fluorometer geoboard geometry glucometer hodometer holometer inclinometer lucimeter pantometer photopolarimeter pulsimeter spectrometer symmetry tachometer tiltmeter trig trigonometry
Descendants of photo-
photo photography
Descendants of cyto-
cytoablation cytoadhesive cytoarchitectural cytofluorometer cytogenetics cytogeny cytoimmunity cytologic cytological cytology cytomembrane cytometry cytopathogenesis cytoplasm cytoprotectant cytoprotecting cytoprotection cytoreductive cytoresistance cytosine cytosine arabinoside cytostructural cytozoon haemocytometer