cytoresistance etymology

English word cytoresistance comes from English survival, English cyto- ((biology) cell.)

Detailed word origin of cytoresistance

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survival English (eng) (as a modifier) Of, relating to or aiding survival.. (sports) The avoidance of relegation or demotion to a lower league or division.. The fact or act of surviving; continued existence or life.
cyto- English (eng) (biology) cell.
cytoresistance English (eng) (biology) cellular resistance to injury.

Words with the same origin as cytoresistance

Descendants of survival
SERE squipper
Descendants of cyto-
cytoablation cytoadhesive cytoarchitectural cytofluorometer cytogenetics cytogeny cytoimmunity cytologic cytological cytology cytomembrane cytometry cytopathogenesis cytophotometer cytoplasm cytoprotectant cytoprotecting cytoprotection cytoreductive cytosine cytosine arabinoside cytostructural cytozoon haemocytometer