cytotrophoblast etymology

English word cytotrophoblast comes from English cyto- ((biology) cell.), English trophoblast

Detailed word origin of cytotrophoblast

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cyto- English (eng) (biology) cell.
trophoblast English (eng) (cytology) The membrane of cells that forms the wall of a blastocyst during early pregnancy, providing nutrients to the embryo and later developing into part of the placenta.
cytotrophoblast English (eng) (cytology) The inner layer of the trophoblast.

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cytoablation cytoadhesive cytoarchitectural cytofluorometer cytogenetics cytogeny cytoimmunity cytologic cytological cytology cytomembrane cytometry cytopathogenesis cytophotometer cytoplasm cytoprotectant cytoprotecting cytoprotection cytoreductive cytoresistance cytosine cytosine arabinoside cytostructural cytozoon haemocytometer