davenport etymology

English word davenport comes from Latin fungor

Detailed word origin of davenport

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fungor Latin (lat) I finish (something), complete (something), end (something). I perform, execute, administer, discharge, observe.
defungi Latin (lat)
defunctus Latin (lat)
defunct English (eng) The dead person (referred to). (business) No longer in business or service.. (computing) Specifically, of a program: that has terminated but is still shown in the list of processes because the parent process that created it is still running and has not yet reaped it. See also zombie, zombie process.. (linguistics) (of a language) No longer spoken.. (now, _, rare) Deceased, dead.. No longer [...]
davenport English (eng) A large sofa, especially a formal one.. A writing desk.

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dysfunctional function functional malfunction