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English word delicate comes from Latin deliciae (Beloved object. Darling, sweetheart. Delight, pleasure.)

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deliciae Latin (lat) Beloved object. Darling, sweetheart. Delight, pleasure.
delicatus Latin (lat) (of a person) overly-luxurious, spoiled. Alluring, charming, delightful; voluptuous. Effeminate, spoilt with indulgence. Fastidious, scrupulous. Soft, tender, delicate.
delicat Middle English (1100-1500) (enm) Delicate.
delicate English (eng) (informal) Unwell, especially because of having drunk too much alcohol.. (obsolete) Addicted to pleasure; luxurious; voluptuous; alluring.. Affected by slight causes; showing slight changes.. Characterized by a fine structure or thin lines.. Easily damaged or requiring careful handling.. Highly discriminating or perceptive; refinedly critical; sensitive; exquisite.. Intended for use with [...]

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