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English word dendrochemistry comes from English chemistry, English dendro- (Dendr- + -o-.)

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chemistry English (eng) (countable) An application of chemical theory and method to a particular substance.. (informal) The mutual attraction between two people; rapport.. (uncountable) The branch of natural science that deals with the composition and constitution of substances and the changes that they undergo as a consequence of alterations in the constitution of their molecules.
dendro- English (eng) Dendr- + -o-.
dendrochemistry English (eng) (chemistry) the science, related to dendrochronology, that uses the analysis of trace minerals in tree rings to study air pollution in past times.

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Descendants of dendro-
dendroarchaeology dendrochronological dendrochronologist dendrochronology dendroclimatic dendroclimatological dendroclimatology dendrodate dendrodendritic dendroecology dendrogeomorphological dendrogeomorphology dendroglioma dendrogram dendrohydrology dendrolite dendrology dendromancy dendrometer dendrometry dendrophile dendrophobia dendrophyte dendrothermal