dendroecology etymology

English word dendroecology comes from English ecology, English dendro- (Dendr- + -o-.)

Detailed word origin of dendroecology

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ecology English (eng) (biology) The branch of biology dealing with the relationships of organisms with their environment and with each other.
dendro- English (eng) Dendr- + -o-.
dendroecology English (eng) The science that uses dendrochronology to analyze historic ecological processes.

Words with the same origin as dendroecology

Descendants of ecology
arcology eco ecological ecologism ecosophy palaeoecological palaeoecologist radioecological synecological synecologist thermoecological
Descendants of dendro-
dendroarchaeology dendrochemistry dendrochronological dendrochronologist dendrochronology dendroclimatic dendroclimatological dendroclimatology dendrodate dendrodendritic dendrogeomorphological dendrogeomorphology dendroglioma dendrogram dendrohydrology dendrolite dendrology dendromancy dendrometer dendrometry dendrophile dendrophobia dendrophyte dendrothermal