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English word deoxyguanine comes from English deoxy-, English guanine

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deoxy- English (eng) (chemistry) Forming the names of compounds that are formally derived from others by the replacement of a hydroxy group by a hydrogen atom.
guanine English (eng) (chemistry) A substance first obtained from guano; it is a nucleic base and pairs with cytosine in DNA and RNA.
deoxyguanine English (eng) (biochemistry, attributive) Any guanine nucleotide that contains deoxyribose.

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ddNTP deoxyanthocyanin deoxybouvardin deoxycholic deoxycortisol deoxyelephantopin deoxyglucose deoxyguanosine deoxyhypusine deoxyhypusine monooxygenase deoxymyoglobin deoxynucleoside deoxynucleotide deoxyribofuranose deoxyspergualin deoxystreptamine deoxythymidine deoxyuridine dideoxy dideoxycytidine dideoxynucleotide dideoxysugar doxorubicin hexadeoxynucleotide
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