dependant etymology

English word dependant comes from Latin pendere, Latin de- (De-.), Middle French prendre (To take.), Middle French des- (De-; dis-.), Middle French despendre (To depend (on). To detach something that is hanging.)

Detailed word origin of dependant

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
pendere Latin (lat)
de- Latin (lat) De-.
prendre Middle French (frm) To take.
des- Middle French (frm) De-; dis-.
despendre Middle French (frm) To depend (on). To detach something that is hanging.
dependere Latin (lat)
desprendre Middle French (frm) (reflexive, se desprendre) to renounce. (transitive) to detach (something from someone).
dépendre French (fra) (intransitive) to belong (to), be part (of). (intransitive) to depend (rely on for support; to be contingent) (transitive) to remove from a gallows. (transitive) to unhang.
dépendant French (fra) Dependent Dependent; one who is dependent.
dependant English (eng) (British) A person who depends on another for support, particularly financial support (= US dependent).. (US).

Words with the same origin as dependant

Descendants of pendere
depend indispensable pension spence suspend
Descendants of de-
debt decide decision delicate delicious demand deny deposit deputy describe description desert design desire desperate despite dessert destroy destruction determine dick due duty still
Descendants of prendre
dependent depending prize
Descendants of des-
debris debut discourage dismantle