depyrimidination etymology

English word depyrimidination comes from English accumulate, English -ation, English pyrimidine

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accumulate English (eng) (intransitive) To grow or increase in quantity or number; to increase greatly.. (transitive) To heap up in a mass; to pile up; to collect or bring together (either literal or figurative) (poetic, rare) Collected; accumulated.
-ation English (eng) A state or quality. An action or process. The result of an action or process.
pyrimidine English (eng) (organic compound) A diazine in which the two nitrogen atoms are in the meta- positions; it is the basis of three of the bases found in DNA and RNA: thymine, uracil and cytosine.
depyrimidination English (eng) (chemistry, biology) A process in which the chemical bond linking a pyrimidine (cytosine or thymine) to a deoxyribose sugar breaks spontaneously. It occurs at a lower rate compared to depurination with only 500 cytosine and thymine bases lost per cell per day in a typical mammalian cell.

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Descendants of accumulate
accumulable accumulation accumulative accumulativeness accumulator bioaccumulation bioaccumulative decumulate
Descendants of -ation
accreditation aspiration aspirational authorization cancellation characterization flirtation fragmentation gravitate instrumentation ionization legalization manipulation oxygenation pigmentation realisation realization relaxation retardation sanitation socialization specialization starvation synchronisation transportation
Descendants of pyrimidine
pyrimidinic pyrimidinone