derivative etymology

English word derivative comes from Latin rivus, and later Latin derivo (To derive. To divert. To draw or lead off.)

Detailed word origin of derivative

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rivus Latin (lat) (figuratively, of a liquid) A stream.. A gutter.. A small stream (of water); brook, stream.. An artificial watercourse; channel, conduit, canal.
derivo Latin (lat) To derive. To divert. To draw or lead off.
derivatus Latin (lat)
dérivatif Middle French (frm)
derivative English (eng) (finance) Having a value that depends on an underlying asset of variable value.. (legal, copyright) Referring to a work, such as a translation or adaptation, based on another work that may be subject to copyright restrictions.. Imitative of the work of someone else.. Lacking originality.. Obtained by derivation; not radical, original, or fundamental. (calculus) The derived function of a [...]

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Descendants of rivus
archrival derivate quasi-differentiable ria rival rivalry rivulose