dermatocranium etymology

English word dermatocranium comes from English cranium, English dermato- (Forms terms pertaining to skin.)

Detailed word origin of dermatocranium

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cranium English (eng) That part of the skull enclosing the brain, the braincase.. The skull of a vertebrate.
dermato- English (eng) Forms terms pertaining to skin.
dermatocranium English (eng) A set of bones covering the brain, eyes and nostrils in bony fishes and all land-living vertebrates.

Words with the same origin as dermatocranium

Descendants of cranium
craniate postcranial
Descendants of dermato-
dermatocranial dermatofibromatous dermatogen dermatoglyphic dermatographic dermatography dermatolysis dermatomegaly dermatomucosal dermatomycosis dermatomyositis dermatomyotome dermatopathological dermatopathology dermatopathy dermatophyte dermatophytic dermatophytosis dermatoplasty dermatoscopy dermatosis dermatotoxin