dermatomyotome etymology

English word dermatomyotome comes from English dermato- (Forms terms pertaining to skin.), English myotome

Detailed word origin of dermatomyotome

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dermato- English (eng) Forms terms pertaining to skin.
myotome English (eng) (biology) In vertebrate embryonic development, a group of tissues formed from somites that develop into the body wall muscle.
dermatomyotome English (eng) The myotome of the somite wall.

Words with the same origin as dermatomyotome

Descendants of dermato-
dermatocranial dermatocranium dermatofibromatous dermatogen dermatoglyphic dermatographic dermatography dermatolysis dermatomegaly dermatomucosal dermatomycosis dermatomyositis dermatopathological dermatopathology dermatopathy dermatophyte dermatophytic dermatophytosis dermatoplasty dermatoscopy dermatosis dermatotoxin
Descendants of myotome
myotomal myotomic