dermatoplasty etymology

English word dermatoplasty comes from English dermato- (Forms terms pertaining to skin.), English -plasty

Detailed word origin of dermatoplasty

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dermato- English (eng) Forms terms pertaining to skin.
-plasty English (eng) (medicine) Repair or restoration of a part or function.. Molding or shaping through a surgical procedure.
dermatoplasty English (eng) (surgery) Plastic surgery of the skin, especially the use of skin grafts.

Words with the same origin as dermatoplasty

Descendants of dermato-
dermatocranial dermatocranium dermatofibromatous dermatogen dermatoglyphic dermatographic dermatography dermatolysis dermatomegaly dermatomucosal dermatomycosis dermatomyositis dermatomyotome dermatopathological dermatopathology dermatopathy dermatophyte dermatophytic dermatophytosis dermatoscopy dermatosis dermatotoxin
Descendants of -plasty
alloplasty angioplasty arterioplasty arthroplasty blepharoplasty chondrolaryngoplasty cranioplasty facioplasty galvanoplasty gastroplasty homoplasty mammoplasty mastoplasty neuroplasty otoplasty quadricepsplasty rhinoplasty septorhinoplasty thoracoplasty ureterocystoplasty urethroplasty uteroplasty vertebroplasty vulvoplasty