despicable etymology

English word despicable comes from Latin specio (I observe, watch, look at.), Latin ex, e (A name of the letter X. (+ ablative) out of, from.)

Detailed word origin of despicable

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
specio Latin (lat) I observe, watch, look at.
ex, e Latin (lat) A name of the letter X. (+ ablative) out of, from.
despicere Latin (lat)
despicor Latin (lat)
despicabilis Late Latin (LL)
despicable English (eng) Fit or deserving to be despised; contemptible; mean A wretched or wicked person.

Words with the same origin as despicable

Descendants of specio
aspect despise despite disrespect disrespectful expect expected expecting inspect inspection inspector respect respected respectful species specific specifically specimen spectacle speculation spice spicy suspect suspicion
Descendants of ex, e
debt decide decision delicious delivery demand deny describe desert deserve design desire desperate destroy die due duty effect effort event evidence issue say still