detain etymology

English word detain comes from French tenir, Latin detinere, and later Old French detenir (To detain (to keep as a prisoner; to not allow to leave).)

Detailed word origin of detain

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tenir French (fra) (followed by the preposition à) to be attached to something, to be fond of something, to hold something dear. (intransitive) to stay; to hold. (reflexive) to behave. (reflexive) to hold oneself, to be standing. (reflexive) to maintain, remain in a certain position or disposition. (reflexive, Quebec, slang) to hang out. (reflexive, uncommon) to hold on. (transitive) to have; to hold. [...]
detinere Latin (lat)
detenir Old French (fro) To detain (to keep as a prisoner; to not allow to leave).
detain English (eng) (transitive) To keep back or from; to withhold.. (transitive) To keep someone from proceeding by holding them back or making claims on their attention.. (transitive) To put under custody.. (transitive) To seize goods for official purposes.