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English word dextrodepression comes from English depression, English dextro-

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depression English (eng) (biology, physiology) A lowering, in particular a reduction in a particular biological variable or the function of an organ, in contrast to elevation.. (economics) A period of major economic contraction.. (economics, US) Four consecutive quarters of negative, real GDP growth. See NBER.. (geography) An area that is lower in topography than its surroundings.. (meteorology) An area of lowered [...]
dextro- English (eng) (chemistry) Denoting a dextrorotatory form of an enantiomer.. Right; on the right; toward the right.
dextrodepression English (eng) (medicine) eye movement down and to the right.

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dextroamphetamine dextrocardia dextrocular dextrocycloversion dextroelevation dextroglucose dextrogyrate dextrogyre dextrolateral dextromanual dextromenthol dextromethorphan dextromoramide dextropropoxyphene dextrorotation dextrorotatory dextrose dextrotartaric acid dextrotatory dextrothyroxine dextroversion drinamyl