diazepine etymology

English word diazepine comes from English di-, English azepine

Detailed word origin of diazepine

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di- English (eng) (uncommon) Alternative form of dis-. Two, twice, or double A form of dia- before a vowel.
azepine English (eng) (organic compound) An unsaturated seven-membered heterocycle having six carbon atoms, one nitrogen atom and three double bonds.
diazepine English (eng) (organic compound) A seven-membered unsaturated heterocycle having two nitrogen atoms and three double bonds; any derivative of this compound.

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Descendants of di-
benzodiazepine diallylic diaryl diasterane diazepam dicadmium dichromic acid didendron diepoxy diester diethyl difunctional digirth dilithium dimethyl dimorph diniobium diode dioxide dipetalous dipyridine discandium dizygous morphine diglucuronide radon difluoride
Descendants of azepine