dichlorophenylphosphine etymology

English word dichlorophenylphosphine comes from English dichloro- ((chemistry) containing two chlorine atoms.), English phenyl, English phosphine

Detailed word origin of dichlorophenylphosphine

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dichloro- English (eng) (chemistry) containing two chlorine atoms.
phenyl English (eng) (organic chemistry) A univalent hydrocarbon radical (C6H5) formally derived from benzene by the removal of a hydrogen atom, and the basis of an immense number of aromatic derivatives.
phosphine English (eng) (dyeing) chrysaniline, often in the form of a salt. (inorganic compound, uncountable) a toxic gas; hydride of phosphorus, PH3. (organic chemistry, countable) any alkyl or aryl derivative of this compound, PR3 (where at least one R is not H).
dichlorophenylphosphine English (eng) An organophosphorus compound commonly used in the synthesis of elaborated phosphine ligands for coordination chemistry.

Words with the same origin as dichlorophenylphosphine

Descendants of dichloro-
chlorovinyldichloroarsine dichloracetic acid dichlorhydrin dichlorodifluoromethane dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane dichlorofluorescein dichloromercury dimethyldichlorosilane
Descendants of phenyl
acetophenone phenalgin phenone phenose trichlorophenol
Descendants of phosphine
hydrophosphination phosphinic phosphinous phosphinyl