dictatorship etymology

English word dictatorship comes from English -ship, English dictator

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-ship English (eng) Appended to a noun to form a new noun denoting a property or state of being, time spent in a role, or a specialised union.
dictator English (eng) A person who dictates text (e.g. letters to a clerk). A ruler or Führer, the highest level of authority.. A totalitarian leader of a country, nation, or government. A tyrannical boss, or authority figure. Originally, a magistrate without colleague in republican ancient Rome, who held full executive authority for a term granted by the senate (legislature), typically to conduct a war.
dictatorship English (eng) A government which exercises autocratic rule.. A type of government where absolute sovereignty is allotted to an individual or a small clique.. Any household, institution, or other organization that is run under such sovereignty or autocracy.

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censorship championship citizenship companionship dealership internship ladyship leadership lordship ownership partnership relationship scholarship worship worshipped