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English word digirth comes from English girth, English di-

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girth English (eng) To bind as if with a girth or band. (graph theory) The length of the shortest cycle in a graph.. (informal) One's waistline circumference, most often a large one.. A band passed under the belly of an animal, which holds a saddle in place.. A small horizontal brace or girder.. The distance measured around an object.. The part of an animal around which the girth fits.
di- English (eng) (uncommon) Alternative form of dis-. Two, twice, or double A form of dia- before a vowel.
digirth English (eng) (maths) The girth of a digraph.

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benzodiazepine diallylic diaryl diasterane diazepam dicadmium dichromic acid didendron diepoxy diester diethyl difunctional dilithium dimethyl dimorph diniobium diode dioxide dipetalous dipyridine discandium dizygous morphine diglucuronide radon difluoride