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English word dilithium comes from English lithium, English di-

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lithium English (eng) (pharmaceutical drug, uncountable) Lithium carbonate or other preparations of lithium metal used to treat manic depression and bipolar disorders.. (uncountable) The simplest alkali metal, the lightest solid element, and the third lightest chemical element (symbol Li) with an atomic number of 3.. A lithium battery.
di- English (eng) (uncommon) Alternative form of dis-. Two, twice, or double A form of dia- before a vowel.
dilithium English (eng) (chemistry, especially in combination) Two lithium atoms in a molecule.. (inorganic compound) The diatomic molecule Li2 found in the gas phase.. A fictional crystalline mineral in the Star Trek franchise, described as an essential component of anti-matter energy generation systems.

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Descendants of lithium
balipholite delithiation lithal lithian
Descendants of di-
benzodiazepine diallylic diaryl diasterane diazepam dicadmium dichromic acid didendron diepoxy diester diethyl difunctional digirth dimethyl dimorph diniobium diode dioxide dipetalous dipyridine discandium dizygous morphine diglucuronide radon difluoride