discredit etymology

English word discredit comes from English despiteous, English credit

Detailed word origin of discredit

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despiteous English (eng) Dispiteous.. Full of contempt or ill will; opprobrious; insulting.
credit English (eng) (accounting) An addition to certain accounts.. (countable) A course credit, a credit hour – used as measure if enough courses have been taken for graduation.. (countable) Acknowledgement of a contribution, especially in the performing arts.. (tax accounting) A reduction in taxes owed, or a refund for excess taxes paid.. (television/film, usually plural) Written titles and other information [...]
discredit English (eng) A degree of dishonour or disesteem; ill repute; reproach.. The act of discrediting or disbelieving, or the state of being discredited or disbelieved. (transitive) To harm the good reputation of a person; to cause an idea or piece of evidence to seem false or unreliable.