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English word disposable comes from English dispose, English -able

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dispose English (eng) (intransitive, used with "of") to eliminate or to get rid of something.. (obsolete) to bargain; to make terms.. (obsolete) to regulate; to adjust; to settle; to determine.. To deal out; to assign to a use.. To distribute and put in place.. To incline.
-able English (eng) Able to be done; fit to be done.. An adjectival suffix; forms adjectives meaning:. Due to be.. Giving, or inclined to.. Relevant to or suitable to, in accordance with.. Subject to.
disposable English (eng) Any object that is designed to be disposed of rather than refilled or repaired. Available to be used.. That can be disposed of.. That is designed to be discarded rather than reused, refilled or repaired.

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accountable available dependable enjoyable fashionable lovable predictable regrettable remarkable valuable