disrespect etymology

English word disrespect comes from English despiteous, English respect

Detailed word origin of disrespect

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despiteous English (eng) Dispiteous.. Full of contempt or ill will; opprobrious; insulting.
respect English (eng) (Jamaica) hello, hi (countable) a particular aspect, feature or detail of something. (uncountable) an attitude of consideration or high regard. (uncountable) good opinion, honor, or admiration. (uncountable, always plural) Polite greetings, often offered as condolences after a death.. Good will; favor (obsolete) To look toward; to face.. (obsolete) To regard; to consider; to deem.. [...]
disrespect English (eng) A lack of respect, esteem or courteous behaviour. (transitive) To show a lack of respect to someone or something.