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English word dissolve comes from Latin solvo

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solvo Latin (lat) Cancel, remove, destroy. Dissolve, break up, separate. Loosen, untie, undo; free [up], release, acquit, exempt. Pay [up], fulfil. Relax, slacken, weaken. Solve, explain. To dismiss (troops). To get rid of (feelings). To let down (hair). To open (a letter). To raise (a siege). To set sail (ships). To undermine. To unfurl.
dissolvo Latin (lat) I abolish, abrogate or annul. I pay or discharge (a debt etc.). I refute. I unloose, disunite, separate, dissolve or destroy.
dissolve English (eng) (cinematography) A form of film punctuation in which there is a gradual transition from one scene to the next. (chemistry, intransitive) To be disintegrated by such immersion.. (chemistry, transitive) To disintegrate chemically into a solution by immersion into a liquid or gas.. (cinematography, intransitive) To shift from one shot to another by having the former fade out as the latter fades [...]

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absolute resolve sol solution solve