distinct etymology

English word distinct comes from Latin stinguo (I put out, extinguish.), Latin dis-, Latin di-, Latin stinguere

Detailed word origin of distinct

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stinguo Latin (lat) I put out, extinguish.
dis- Latin (lat) Asunder, apart, in two. Reversal, removal. Utterly, exceedingly.
di- Latin (lat)
stinguere Latin (lat)
distinguo Latin (lat) I adorn or decorate. I distinguish, separate, divide or part.
distinctus Latin (lat) Definite, lucid. Distinct, separate.
distinct English (eng) (obsolete) Distinguished; having the difference marked; separated by a visible sign; marked out; specified.. (obsolete) Marked; variegated.. Capable of being perceived very clearly.. Different from one another (with the preferable adposition being "from").. Noticeably different from others; distinctive.. Separate in place; not conjunct or united; with from.

Words with the same origin as distinct

Descendants of stinguo
distinction distinguish distinguished
Descendants of dis-
address debate defeat delay dessert difference different difficult dinner direct direction director disagree disappear discipline discover discuss disguise display distance distant district dress dressed dressing
Descendants of di-
digest digestive disrupt diverse diversion diversity divert divorce
Descendants of stinguere
extinct extinction instinct prestige prestigious