diversative etymology

English word diversative comes from English diverse, English -ative (Of, related to, or associated with the thing specified.)

Detailed word origin of diversative

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diverse English (eng) In different directions; diversely. Belonging to a minority group. Capable of various forms; multiform.. Consisting of many different elements; various.. Containing people groups that are minorities in a given area. Different; unlike; dissimilar; distinct; separate.
-ative English (eng) Of, related to, or associated with the thing specified.
diversative English (eng) (grammar) Of or relating to a grammatical aspect relating to an action that occurs "here and there", among an unspecified group of targets or locations.

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Descendants of diverse
Descendants of -ative
adhortative adverbative assortative assortativity authoritative complimentative confirmative confrontative delimitative disfigurative disturbative excitative expectative explorative fermentative heterofermentative imputative manifestative permutative piaculative portative recommendative relaxative transformative urinative