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English word downshift comes from English shift, English down

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shift English (eng) (Ireland, vulgar, slang) To engage in sexual petting.. (computer keyboards) To switch to a character entry mode for capital letters and special characters.. (intransitive) To change gears (in a car).. (intransitive) To change position.. (intransitive) To hurry.. (obsolete) To resort to expedients for accomplishing a purpose; to contrive; to manage.. (obsolete, transitive) To change (one's [...]
down English (eng) From one end to another of.. From the higher end to the lower of. (baseball, colloquial, following the noun modified) Out.. (colloquial) With "on", negative about, hostile to. (not comparable) Inoperable; out of order; out of service.. (not comparable, US, slang) Comfortable with, accepting of.. (not comparable, military, aviation, slang, of an aircraft) Mechanically failed, collided, shot [...]
downshift English (eng) (automotive) To shift a transmission into a lower gear.. To function at a lower rate.

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dune dunesand tsukihitza