drapetomania etymology

English word drapetomania comes from Latin -alis, Latin mentem, English able, and later Latin mentalis (Mental.)

Detailed word origin of drapetomania

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-alis Latin (lat) Used to form adjectives of relationship from nouns or numerals.
mentem Latin (lat)
able English (eng) (legal) Legally qualified or competent. [First attested in the early 18th century.]. (nautical) Capable of performing all the requisite duties; as an able seaman. [First attested in the late 18th century.]. (obsolete) Rich; well-to-do. [Attested from the mid 16th century until the late 19th century.]. (obsolete, dialectal) Having the physical strength; robust; healthy. [First attested from [...]
disability English (eng) (uncountable, informal) Regular payments received by a disabled person, usually from the state. A mental condition causing a difficulty with an intellectual task.. State of being disabled; deprivation or want of ability; absence of competent physical, intellectual, or moral power, means, fitness, and the like.. Want of legal qualification to do a thing; legal incapacity or incompetency.
mentalis Latin (lat) Mental.
mental English (eng) (anatomy) Of or relating to the chin or median part of the lower jaw, genial.. (biology) Of or relating to the chin-like or lip-like structure. (zoology) A plate or scale covering the mentum or chin of a fish or reptile. (colloquial, UK, comparable) Enjoyable or fun, especially in a frenetic way.. (colloquial, comparable) Insane, mad, crazy.. Of or relating to the mind or an intellectual process.
drapetomania English (eng) (dated) an overwhelming urge to run away (from home, a bad situation, responsibility, etc.). The desire of slaves to run away, viewed as a mental illness.

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actor animal card central channel corner criminal funeral general hospital hotel legal master mental murderer natural personal real really royal social states total trial usual
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Down syndrome EPROM ability arguably certifiably conceivably disablism expendably fashionably inhibitably laughably raliabill ratably reliably remarkably reprovably respectably restorably specifiably unquestionably unreasonably