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English word dudical comes from English radical, English dude

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radical English (eng) (botany, not comparable) Pertaining to a root (of a plant).. (chemistry, not comparable) Involving free radicals.. (lexicography, not comparable) Of or pertaining to the root of a word.. (math) Relating to a radix or mathematical root.. (phonology, phonetics, not comparable, of a sound) Produced using the root of the tongue.. (slang, 1980s & 1990s) Excellent; awesome.. Favoring fundamental [...]
dude English (eng) (US) Usually followed by up: to dress up, to wear smart or special clothes.. To address someone as dude.. To take a vacation in a dude ranch. (archaic) A man who is very concerned about his dress and appearance; a dandy, a fop.. (colloquial) A man, generally a younger man.. (colloquial, used in the vocative) A term of address for someone, typically a man, particularly when cautioning him or [...]
dudical English (eng) (slang, dated, US) cool, awesome.

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Dudeism d00d dood dudine dudish