dysplasia etymology

English word dysplasia comes from English dys- (Bad.), English -plasia ((medicine) Growth or formation.)

Detailed word origin of dysplasia

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
dys- English (eng) Bad.
-plasia English (eng) (medicine) Growth or formation.
dysplasia English (eng) (pathology) Abnormal development of cells or tissue, often a precancerous stage of growth.

Words with the same origin as dysplasia

Descendants of dys-
dysaemia dyschezia dyscognitive dysfunction dysfunctional dysgenic dysglycaemia dysgranular dyshidrosis dyskeratotic dyskinesis dyskinetic dyslamination dysmaturation dysmaturity dysmenorrheic dysmyelopoiesis dyspepsia dyspeptic dyspnea dysprosody dysthanasia dysthyroidism dystrophy
Descendants of -plasia
anaplasic euplasia heteroplasia hyperplasia hyperplastic hyperplastic polyp hypoplasia macroplasia neoplasia neoplastic nonhyperplastic normoplasia preneoplastic