ecocar etymology

English word ecocar comes from English car, English eco-

Detailed word origin of ecocar

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car English (eng) (obsolete) A turn. (computing) The first part of a cons in LISP. The first element of a list (US) A floating perforated box for living fish.. (dated) A wheeled vehicle, drawn by a horse or other animal; a chariot.. (rail transport) an individual vehicle, powered or unpowered, in a multiple unit.. (rail transport, chiefly, North America) An unpowered unit in a railroad train.. (sailing) A [...]
eco- English (eng) Ecology or the environment (in the ecological sense). Economy.
ecocar English (eng) A car designed to have minimal impact on the natural environment.

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Descendants of car
cruck tyre kicker
Descendants of eco-
ecoanarchist ecoawareness ecocentrism ecocline ecoconscious ecodemocracy ecodisaster ecofascist ecofeminist ecofootprint ecolabel ecologist ecomigrant ecomodernist ecomorph ecomusicology ecophenotype ecophysics ecopreneur ecorestoration ecosystem ecoterror ecotoxin ecotravel