ectogenous etymology

English word ectogenous comes from English -genous (Producing or yielding.), English ecto- (Outside.)

Detailed word origin of ectogenous

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-genous English (eng) Producing or yielding.
ecto- English (eng) Outside.
ectogenous English (eng) (zoology, of a pathogenic organism) Able to survive outside of its host.

Words with the same origin as ectogenous

Descendants of -genous
Assyrogenous Grecogenous alkaligenous anautogenous capsuligenous encephalitogenous endogeneity endogeny exogenous gelatigenous hematogenous monogenous myelogenous myogenous peptogenous phyllogenous schizogenous skeletogenous spiculigenous thermogenous xenogenous xylogenous zoogenous zymogenous
Descendants of ecto-
ectethmoid ectoblast ectobronchium ectocervical ectocervix ectocornea ectocranial ectoenzyme ectogenesis ectokinase ectomesocuneiform ectonucleoside ectonucleotide ectoperitrophic ectophosphodiesterase ectophytic ectoplacental ectoplast ectostylid ectosylvian ectosymbiont ectosymbiotic ectotherm ectozoon