ectomorphic etymology

English word ectomorphic comes from English -morphic (Having a specific shape or form.), English ectoderm

Detailed word origin of ectomorphic

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-morphic English (eng) Having a specific shape or form.
ectoderm English (eng) (biology) Outermost of the three tissue layers in the embryo of a metazoan animal. Through development, it will produce the epidermis (skin) and nervous system of the adult.
ectomorphic English (eng) Of or pertaining to an ectomorph.

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Descendants of -morphic
andromorphically anthromorphic anthropomorphic antiholomorphic biholomorphic cynomorphic epimorphic geomorphic hemimorphic holomorphicity isomorphic monomorphic neanimorphic nondimorphic nonholomorphic normomorphic ophiomorphic polymorphic pycnomorphic redoximorphic subdimorphic theriomorphic xenomorphic xeromorphic zoomorphic
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